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Here is the real reason why Imran Khan decided to increase petrol price in Pakistan

They have done it again. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has once again given a shocker to the nation by increasing fuel prices by up to PKR 25.

The new prices are as under:

Petrol:100.10 Rupees
Hight Speed Diesel: 101.46 Rupees
Kerosene: 59.06 Rupees
Light Diesel: 55.98

Many are quite angry about this move, even those including the supporters of Imran Khan and PTI. However, not many are truly aware of the real reason why the government made this decision, which is given as under:

This can be translated into:
The reason why petrol price in Pakistan was not decreased so poor people are not able to buy it to set themselves on fire.

This is a work of satire.