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Express News Interviews Internet Sensation #ChaiWala

A day after #ChaiWala became an internet sensation, girls and news channel reporters were seen in queues at Peshawar More in Islamabad where the guy sells tea. Chai Wala, real name Arshad Khan, was photographed by Islamabad based Jia Ali. The photo went viral on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Arshad Khan a.k.a. Chai Wala sells tea a stall in Islamabad's weekly Bazaar (Itwaar Bazaar, Mangal Bazaar, Landa Bazaar etc) which opens three times a week. According to him, due to poverty, he couldn't get education and was hence forced to make a living out of this profession.

Although a number of news channels have covered his story, here is bit detailed one by Express News.