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Ali Gul Pir Releases "Modi Teri"

Pakistani rap artist Ali Gul Pir has released his new single video which is about the Pakistan-India relations. The song is titled "Modi Teri..." was released on Ali Gul Pir's official Facebook page last night.

Earlier, he announced the launch on his Twitter account.

Watch "Modi Teri" by Ali Gul Pir here

Ali Gul Pir is well known for his satirical rap songs such as "Wadera ka Beta" and "Kaisa Dia"

Revealing idea behind the song, Pir told Express Tribune, “I think whatever is going on is not a Pakistan-India issue but rather, it has more to do with Modi’s mindset. And then, there are people like Anupam Kher and Adnan Sami who are supporting his stance. The song mentions all of them”.

People are going crazy over the song and social media has been flooded with funny reactions on the video says Business Insider.