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Taher Shah announces Eye To Eye Movie

Pakistan's biggest meme figure, Taher Shah, has finally announced his movie "Eye to Eye Movie" in a Facebook post he made this evening. The star, who claimed to fame through his song "Eye to Eye" is now ready to break all previous records of the Lollywood industry.

Months ago, Taher Shah in an interview to a local news channel said that Pakistani movie industry needs people like him to restore the lost charm of the industry. 

Although he had given a hint about the movie soon after his song went viral on social media (for good, for him) but he never confirmed a date. 

The reaction of fans has been mixed.

"After watching "eye to eye" movie i won't mind donating my eyes." says Syed Latif Shah

"Don't do this bro you did enough torture by your songs the movie would cause millions of deaths." Osama Rasheed says in another post.

Taher Shah has repeatedly called such commentors "jealous people who cannot achieve such things on their own".

Posted by Taher Shah on Monday, December 14, 2015

How excited, or otherwise, are you for this movie? Let us know.