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Story of a Condom and Two Pathan Men

"On a sunny day during Ramazan, I was travelling from Peshawar to Nowshera on bike. On the highway, I found a family (husband, wife their little son) whose bike had ran out of patrol. The next patrol station was at least 5KMs away. I offered them to share some patrol so that they could reach they next station but we could not find anything to transfer patrol from my bike to his. After some searching when they had almost given up, I came up with the idea of use a condom that I had in my wallet. At first the man was a little soreheaded but when he realized there is no immediate way in the middle of nowhere, he first asked his wife to step aside even though she was already faced the opposite direction and then asked me to do my work. I transferred 4 condom-filled patrol to his bike while he watched me with curiosity. When his bike started, he gave me a big hug and said "you are an ustaad." My reply was "Thanks God I had Naswaar before sehri.

Never in my life I had imagine a condom would come this handy in such a situation.

I am married and have two kids".

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