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This video is taken from a CCTV footage at Pak-Afghan border in Chaman. A guy from Afghanistan can be seen trying to enter Pakistan. When the security asks him to put his luggage in the scanner... what happens next would definitely crack you up!

No offense to Afghani and Pathan brothers. Just fun ;-)
Watch, enjoy and share.
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Fanaticism breeds more fanaticism... A Pindi Boy named Romi Butt, might be a distant relative on Gullu Butt, is offering 1 lakh rupees for anyone who would beat the guy who was involved in attacking Junaid Jamshed at Islamabad International Airport.
Fanaticism continues... Romi Butt, might be a distant relative on Gullu Butt, offering 1 lakh for someone who beats up the guy who was involved in attacking Junaid Jamshed.Allah hidayat dena kab shuru karega?
Posted by Khula Tazaad on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pakistani model, self-proclaimed artist and newest internet sensation Qandeel Baloch gives interview to Mubasher Lucman on his program Khara Sach.

Qandeel Baloch has been center of controversy after she announced she will strip-tease if Pakistan wins the match against India in ICC T20 World Cup Super 10 match.

Although Pakistan lost the match but Qandeel Baloch had already released a trailer of her doing a strip-tease dance on her official Facebook page. Soon after the video was released, hundreds and thousands of Pakistani Facebook users reported her Facebook page followed by its ban in Pakistan.

Qandeel Baloch also appeared in Pakistan Idol Auditions where she terribly failed to sing a Hadiqa Kiani song in front of the Pakistani pop singer herself.

See what she has to say about all the spur she has been creating.

Qandeel Baloch Full Interview with Mubasher... by khulatazaad

Qandeel Baloch Pakistan Idol Audition
Qandeel Baloch Pakistan Idol Audition... by khulatazaad
According to authentic new sources, Mumtaz Qadri has been hanged at Adyala Jail in Rawalpindi. The news broke out after a Mumtaz Qadri sympathizer Molvi posted a video on Twitter.

Mumtaz Qadri had assassinated the former Chief Minister of Punjab Salman Taseer in 2011 outside a coffee shop at Kohsar Market, Islamabad.

Here is how social media is reacting to this news.

and here is apparently why there was no news on mainstream media.

One religious fanatic to another! Junaid Jamshed beaten up at the Islamabad Airport by some other religious psychopaths like JJ himself.

Junaid Jamshed Beaten at Islamabd Airport by... by khulatazaad
This Australian cricketer can't stop showing love to his teammate during national anthem time.

Moulana Tariq Jameel​ explains the figure of a "Jannat-ki-Hoor" while talking to the future scientists, philosophers and researches of Pakistan at the University of Management and Technology, Lahore​. Moulana sahib, after years and years of research, has come up with the exact dimensions and other amazing features of the paradise women that innocent Muslims blow themselves for.

Moulana Tariq Jameel Latest Bayan- Jannat Ki... by khulatazaad
Pakistan's biggest meme figure, Taher Shah, has finally announced his movie "Eye to Eye Movie" in a Facebook post he made this evening. The star, who claimed to fame through his song "Eye to Eye" is now ready to break all previous records of the Lollywood industry.

Months ago, Taher Shah in an interview to a local news channel said that Pakistani movie industry needs people like him to restore the lost charm of the industry. 

Although he had given a hint about the movie soon after his song went viral on social media (for good, for him) but he never confirmed a date. 

The reaction of fans has been mixed.

"After watching "eye to eye" movie i won't mind donating my eyes." says Syed Latif Shah

"Don't do this bro you did enough torture by your songs the movie would cause millions of deaths." Osama Rasheed says in another post.

Taher Shah has repeatedly called such commentors "jealous people who cannot achieve such things on their own".

Posted by Taher Shah on Monday, December 14, 2015

How excited, or otherwise, are you for this movie? Let us know.

It all started when someone Photoshopped a man bun on Donald Trump’s picture and online market place Design Crowd challenged people to take inspiration and give man buns to famous politicians. 
With Pakistani women habitually complaining about the appearances of our politicians (leaving aside Imran Khan), we thought why not try the man bun trend on our politicians too?
Needless to say, it didn’t help much.

Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/984972/if-pakistani-politicians-sported-man-buns/

While the world showers her with praises, accolades and laurels, people of her own country loathe her. 3 years back Malala Yousufzai was shot by the militants for going to school. As soon as the incident happen Pakistanis started coming up with conspiracy theories... many called and still call her American agent, CIA puppet, etc.

Was the fact that a 14 year old girl could gain humongous popularity, that too for a noble cause like education was a bit hard to digest? Or the conspiracy theories were actually true? 
As a common Pakistani I can say that none of these statements can be actually validated.
No, some Pakistanis are not against Malala because she challenges patriarchy and hurt their egos.There are many other factors that concern them...

1. Why Just Malala?

Many of the Pakistanis question, 'Why Malala?' Out of all the girls fighting for rights not just in SWAT, but even in other areas of Pakistan, why was she the only one facilitated? Why wasn't Nabila Rehman and many others like her welcomed the same way?
While Malala was feted by Western media figures, legislators and metro pioneers for her bravery, Nabila Rehman ended up being ‘just another person’, one of the faceless individuals who have had their lives devastated over the previous decade of American wars.  Why such hypocrisy?

2. Suspicious Raise To Fame

Local media seems to have their opinion skewed in favour of Malala. However many common Pakistanis dislike her. No one ever addresses the questions raised by them. First, the incident, then her asylum, Nobel prize, her book to now her movie Pakistanis question.

Honestly, I think it's not about Malala... It's about the distrust Pakistanis have on the West. They don't think they do anything without having a purpose behind it and if they are making Malala a global hero, they must have some vested interest in it. Wasn’t she used as the poster child to continue the war in the region?

3.  How Is She Actually Contributing To Education In Pakistan?

Her actual contribution to education in Pakistan is probably yet to be determined. Foreign grants have been sanctioned to Pakistan, but are they actually contributing to the cause?

ow is she adding value to the education of girls in Pakistan?  She is getting all the attention in the world, high quality education, respect and recognition, but what about education in Pakistan? Do we see any change in statistics? I am afraid not!  

4. How Is She Positively Representing Pakistan All Over The Globe?

Is she really giving a positive image of Pakistan or posing it otherwise as a conservative country that suppresses women? Why we never witnessed anyone talking about women in Pakistan who are breaking the stereotypes and making a difference in the lives of millions? Why the only focus is on the negative side of Pakistan? What about the fact that medical colleges in Pakistan are packed with women?
This is such a chance to change the perception of Pakistan, but no... misery sells. Doesn't it?

5. Swat Operation Started Because Of Her, Is She Responsible For The Innocent People Who Have Died In The Done Attacks?

It is commonly believed that Swat operation against the militants was initiated as a response of attack on Malala Yousufzai.

What about the innocent lives that have been affected? What about the families that have been destroyed? What do you think, they will love Malala for this? and the ones attacking them with drones? It's out of question! Do you still think that the hatred isn't justified?

Something seriously went wrong.

Back to Naswar, maybe?

"On a sunny day during Ramazan, I was travelling from Peshawar to Nowshera on bike. On the highway, I found a family (husband, wife their little son) whose bike had ran out of patrol. The next patrol station was at least 5KMs away. I offered them to share some patrol so that they could reach they next station but we could not find anything to transfer patrol from my bike to his. After some searching when they had almost given up, I came up with the idea of use a condom that I had in my wallet. At first the man was a little soreheaded but when he realized there is no immediate way in the middle of nowhere, he first asked his wife to step aside even though she was already faced the opposite direction and then asked me to do my work. I transferred 4 condom-filled patrol to his bike while he watched me with curiosity. When his bike started, he gave me a big hug and said "you are an ustaad." My reply was "Thanks God I had Naswaar before sehri.

Never in my life I had imagine a condom would come this handy in such a situation.

I am married and have two kids".

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Funny Spanish man tells how he sold Metro buses to Shahbaz Sharif.

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Cuz the weather in Pakistan is a bit cold ;-) She looks smoking hot though.